So, the girls in my class want to learn my language, Bahasa Indonesia.
How cool is that? I didn’t provoke them. It was their own initiative. They asked me to teach them Bahasa after school.  And they were enthusiastic about it.


I thought it is an awesome thing.  I’ll see how it goes next week whether they are still eager about it or not.

Not only this, they are more open to me now.
I love my students more and more 🙂




The school has a program called Work and Witness.

The program is inviting groups (usually churches or other Christian schools) to come to SVIS and help the school finishing some projects.

There are a lot of Work and Witness teams coming and going every year.  They usually spend a week in our school.

This week we have a team from a Christian School in Hawaii.  The team brings students to help us finishing some projects at school.

The Hawaiian team is so sweet.  Before they came, they asked us if we could Skype so that the students won’t feel awkward when they interact.  So, we did Skype using my account.

As the team is leaving tomorrow morning, tonight the team gave us “souvenirs” unexpectedly.  I am blessed.

I have been wanting to have a lunch bag (hot/cold bag), but never bought one.  Now I got one and it is from Hawaii!  How cool is that!  And I won’t resist trying Hawaiian coffee! 🙂 And Hawaiian chocolate…. I won’t say no to that! I am thankful.


Report Cards


It has been 7 years since I wrote report cards for my “own” students!

This week is report card week and parent-teacher conference week!

Report Card

My first Parent-Teacher Conference in the United States! Wow….

A mixed feeling….nervous…excited….

I pray that all of my parents will come and meet me….I am looking forward to talk with them and get to know them in person.

I will have PTC this Friday.

Please pray for me 🙂



There are up and down moments in my class.

I am emotionally drained every single day.

Most of the days in the week are difficult.

But, there are also days when I know God answers my prayers and telling me exactly why I am here.

One of my boys, J, shows rebellious behaviors, disrespect, and all the bad stuff you can imagine.  Another teacher kept on telling me “bless your heart” every time we talked about this boy.  Whatever that means. I won’t give up on any of my students.  Not then, not now!

J always talks back to me, denying everything I said, saying the opposite of what I am saying, resisting to do his work, etc.  Whenever I said that I believe in him and that there is good in him, he would always deny it, saying “no! no! there is no good in me.”

Whenever I said I pray for him, he had a very bad attitude.  It’s breaking my heart. He said that he won’t change. Pray won’t work.  Let’s see if God answer your prayer.  I told him that he is not fighting against me, but against God.  One day, I confront him for what he did wrong.  He said the same thing about prayer asking me to stop praying for him.  Then I answered him, “you can’t stop me. I am not praying to you. I am praying to God.”  Then, he went silent.  He had teary eyes.

I learned that he is a sensitive young man, smart, creative, curious, humorous, and loves to read.  I don’t know what made him the way he is now.

One day last week, I asked my students to write what fruit of the Spirit characterize them.  I would never guessed that J would write these:


I shed tears and smiled big.  This is the first time he admitted that there is good in him.  God does answer prayer! In His own way.  All of those time I keep on telling J that there is good inside him, he denied it but I believe he took it into his mind.  Seed planted not in vain.

There was a day like last Thursday when none of my students got warning sign written on the board for doing something negative.  Even J didn’t talk back, he was like other “supposedly well-behaved” kids in the class.  That was one beautiful day when ALL my students succeed in behavior and in academic for the day.  Even my student, M, said that she was happy that day.  That is unusual because she is a gloomy girl with schizophrenic symptoms.

There is a long story behind this story.  A story of walking with God in this new adventure and calling of mine.  I can’t write all in here.


Miracles do happen! God is working!  And I am grateful.



During the Presidents’ day weekend, I and 5 other school staff went to a church in Flagstaff and to a hiking area.

Well, I think I never really hiked before.  But I always thought I want to try.  I always know that it would not be my favorite thing, but I love nature and scenery.  So, I decided to give it a try and of course hiking with new friends making us know each other a little bit more.

The other 5 are real hikers.  They love hiking and have done it so many times.  I am the only beginner.  I thought it was going to be sunny, so I wore open toes hiking sandals with thin socks.

And whoala…. the car path to the beginning spot to hike was closed because of snow. So, we parked at the spot near the stop gate and decided to hike to the hiking spot.  The hike path was mostly covered with snow and ice!  It was such an adventure for me.  I am thankful for new friends who were patient with me and helped me pass through those icy slippery slopes.  They were all expert in hiking…except me!

On the way down, my toes were frozen and wet! Praise God that I survived, my toes were okay and I got to enjoy new friendship and God’s creation!

There are no pictures with people in it, but I managed to capture the beauty of God’s creation.  Enjoy.

Hiking-1 Hiking-2 Hiking-3 Hiking-4 Hiking-5 Hiking-6 Hiking-7

Smile Moments


Living and working in this school does not always means hard times.

There are always moments that makes me smile, cherish my being, being thankful and grateful to my Creator.

I see beautiful sunset every day here, colorful sky 🙂

Every night, I can just look up and I see clear picture of stars.  So many stars!  Scenes that I can’t enjoy in Wichita nor Indonesia.  I can’t wait til early summer to be outside at night when it is not so cold 🙂

I just found out that there is no time changes in AZ (daylight saving or whatsoever)! 🙂

There is no snow here while I see how bad the snow is in the northern part.

Our school have “Van Run” which means we pick up/drop off students at certain places so that the parents don’t have to drive so far to our school.  We drop them off on “Go Home” Fridays and pick them up on the next Mondays.  I have experienced to be the rider in the Van Run twice.  Yesterday in the van, I sat next to a girl in 4th grade and a boy in 5th grade.  In the middle of our conversation in the van, the 5th grade boy suddenly asked me,”Ms. Viliya, do you have kids?”

I said no.  He asked why.  I said I am not married yet, so I don’t have kids.  He asked why again.  I smiled.  I explained to him I don’t have a husband, so I don’t have kids.  You could see it from his face that he was so puzzled.  I laughed.  I said again that I don’t have kids.  When I find a husband and get married, I will have kids by then. HAHAHA…. Maybe in his little mind, I should have kids anyhow or maybe I look like a good mom for kids  🙂

This morning, when I explained how easy I am towards my students (which is not usual).  I let them have open book test for most subjects, give them study guide which is basically the test itself, ask them to re-do assignments so they can improve their grades, giving them extra time in doing their assignments, etc.  I didn’t do that to my previous students… until now. In the middle of our conversation about this in class, suddenly L said, “I wish you will be my 8th grade teacher next year.” I smile big in my heart 🙂

My girls’ dorm parent told me that my girls said they like me 🙂 Ha!

E was the only one in 7th grade who didn’t join the basketball game today, so it was I and he for the last periods of class. He needed to get left behind assignment in his apartment.  He returned to class with a piece of chocolate and gave it to me.  First chocolate from a student here 🙂

I went hiking on Sunday with some staff here.  I saw amazing scenery, but also experience frozen toes since I didn’t expect that the hike was snowy and icy and I wore open toes hiking sandals.  Everyone in the group was so encouraging.  I enjoyed the talk and their help 🙂 Hiking might not be my favorite thing, but I enjoy the scenery and the company 🙂

I think I need to remind myself so many times to see the positive sides, smile and be thankful instead of looking at the hard part …. 🙂