Support my ministry, please.


I am a missionary teacher.

The school where I work had a name changed this summer.  We went from Sun Valley Indian School into Native American Christian Academy (NACA).

NACA is a non-profit organization that provides quality Christian education to Native American students.

Our mission is to educate and disciple students for Christ.

The staff and teachers in NACA are “giving their life away” to minister to these students.

Our students come from reservations with different family backgrounds.  They need love.  They need education.  They need discipleship. Our goal is to bring them to salvation through Christ.

As NACA is run by donations only, we sometime have to get through hard times when our fund goes so low.  But, we believe in amazing God who provides.

If you feel God moves you to support our ministry, please visit our website:

You can support us by donations through:

It doesn’t matter how small your donation is.  Just remember, when you donate your money, you are donating to the “soul business”.

“The only thing that you can take to heaven is other people!” (Pastor Todd Clark)



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