Spring Break!


Ok, our school spring break is quite late.  We had it last week.  Much needed break for me.

Most of the staff were gone vacationing, but a few stayed on campus including me.  I didn’t want to go spending the nights at somewhere else this break, so I decided to just have the rest I wanted.  I enjoyed my break, sleeping in, watching Korean dramas, movies, etc. hahaha

One of the staff, Kim Miller, broke her ankle a few weeks ago and she has to walk on crutches.  She is the principal’s mom who was asked to teach grade 6.  It’s a long story how she ended up here these months.  In short, she was left behind because of her broken ankle.  So sad, because she really wanted to go vacationing with her son’s family.

Anyway, she is a very energetic and enthusiastic person (reminds me of someone I know dearly).  She asked me what my plans were.  She lives in the apt across mine.  And she has a van, but she can’t drive yet.  She said I can drive her van and she would tag along wherever I wanted to go.  Aha!  It took me a while to take courage to drive a van!  But I did. We decided to go to the Meteor Crater along the way on I-40.  It’s about 1 hour drive from the school.  It was an adventure to drive a van on the interstate for the first time on a very windy day and it’s not even my van, ha!

We enjoyed our visit in the Meteor Crater.  Here are some pictures.

crater-2 crater-3 crater-4 crater-5 crater-6 crater-7 crater-8 crater-9 crater-10 crater-11

The next day, we went to Petrified Forest National Park.  This time we went with Gail, the nurse, and her son, Ethan who happens to be my student.  The entrance of the Petrified Forest is not far from the school.  I enjoyed this place too.  I am amazed on how wide the desert is, the painted desert.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25

I also learned about the remains of Native American culture around the National Park.

While I am in Arizona, I am determined to visit places I have never visited before.  Two places down, more to go.

This Friday, the 7th and 8th graders are going to a field trip to the Grand Canyon.  I am excited planning this trip and going.  It’s an awesome way to visit the Grand Canyon, all free since it’s a school field trip. Praise the Lord!


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