The school has a program called Work and Witness.

The program is inviting groups (usually churches or other Christian schools) to come to SVIS and help the school finishing some projects.

There are a lot of Work and Witness teams coming and going every year.  They usually spend a week in our school.

This week we have a team from a Christian School in Hawaii.  The team brings students to help us finishing some projects at school.

The Hawaiian team is so sweet.  Before they came, they asked us if we could Skype so that the students won’t feel awkward when they interact.  So, we did Skype using my account.

As the team is leaving tomorrow morning, tonight the team gave us “souvenirs” unexpectedly.  I am blessed.

I have been wanting to have a lunch bag (hot/cold bag), but never bought one.  Now I got one and it is from Hawaii!  How cool is that!  And I won’t resist trying Hawaiian coffee! 🙂 And Hawaiian chocolate…. I won’t say no to that! I am thankful.



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