During the Presidents’ day weekend, I and 5 other school staff went to a church in Flagstaff and to a hiking area.

Well, I think I never really hiked before.  But I always thought I want to try.  I always know that it would not be my favorite thing, but I love nature and scenery.  So, I decided to give it a try and of course hiking with new friends making us know each other a little bit more.

The other 5 are real hikers.  They love hiking and have done it so many times.  I am the only beginner.  I thought it was going to be sunny, so I wore open toes hiking sandals with thin socks.

And whoala…. the car path to the beginning spot to hike was closed because of snow. So, we parked at the spot near the stop gate and decided to hike to the hiking spot.  Oh.my.goodness.  The hike path was mostly covered with snow and ice!  It was such an adventure for me.  I am thankful for new friends who were patient with me and helped me pass through those icy slippery slopes.  They were all expert in hiking…except me!

On the way down, my toes were frozen and wet! Praise God that I survived, my toes were okay and I got to enjoy new friendship and God’s creation!

There are no pictures with people in it, but I managed to capture the beauty of God’s creation.  Enjoy.

Hiking-1 Hiking-2 Hiking-3 Hiking-4 Hiking-5 Hiking-6 Hiking-7


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