Stupid and Just Kidding…


Those words come out from my students’ mouth like…almost every time!

I told them to stop saying those words.

L said it is her habit and she can’t stop it.  What a challenge!!!!

On some days, she remembers what I said and she tries to restrain herself from saying stupid.

But there are days when she just can’t stop saying them!

Saying just kidding is a way for them to say that they are afraid if they said something wrong.  Every time they say something, they end it with “just kidding”

By the end of the day, I often ask myself, “what in the world I am facing here?”

Keeping myself in perspective and in focus is a challenge nowadays…


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  1. Hey my Viliya!!!
    It is so nice and interesting to read your blog! Thank you for always keeping us posted on your journey!
    Remember, you always have support!!!

    Love and praying for you!
    🙂 ML

  2. Am enjoying your blog. When Ron’s parents were living we went to Arizona/Phoenix nearly every year so I know it well. Ron and I are presently in SouthEast Asia doing a short job for MCC. Hope to see you sometime.

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