NFL Experience


Ok, I was so not excited to know that I had to go with my students to this NFL Experience field trip in Phoenix.  I feel bad, but I am not a sporty person especially American Football.

Anyway, this is a once-in-a-life-time experience for the students (and for me, I guess) that the school decided to spend money on this experience instead of having the staff retreat we usually have in February (which I just learnt haha).

We drove to Phoenix on Wednesday morning, joined the NFL experience in the convention building, spent the night at a Nazarene church in Mesa, continued on enjoying NFL experience outdoor downtown Phoenix, and then drove back to Sun Valley on Thursday night.  And of course, we had school on Friday.

On Tuesday I told my students that I was building up my energy and excitement for this event….hahaha… they knew I was not so into this football thing.

The school decided that only 5th through 8th graders should go to this event. Each staff was assigned several students to chaperone in a group and then two groups (one male and one female) were combined in exploring the event. This was arranged to make things simple.  I chaperoned three of my girls (sadly one of them went home on Tuesday since she really didn’t want to go to this event).  My group was combined with Mr. Urban’s group (6th grade boys).  It was quite an experience indeed.

First thing we did when we arrived in Phoenix was unloading our stuff in the church. It was amazing to see a lot saguaro cactus lives in Phoenix.  Some live on the church ground, so I asked A to take a picture of me with the cactus.  Here are I and A with the cactus haha

cactus                  Aysa

Yeah, A and M were in my group, so…. they had to be with me for the whole event.


That is our students and the staff across on the loading zone waiting for our tickets to get in to the convention building.

I was astounded to see mini Millie (the centipede statue in WSU) on the convention building area.

IMG_20150128_143314  IMG_20150128_143337

I didn’t take a lot of pictures of the event.  I guess I am not the type of person of taking picture of other people.  But I managed to take some.  Here is our selfie…I, A, and M 🙂


NFL-2 Three of our students on the running race…and A always won 🙂

NFL-9 Heaven, the 6th grade boy who was in our group asked me to take a picture of him with his favorite player.

NFL-3 Downtown street from the convention building window.  I think I miss the city life!


NFL-5 Downtown Phoenix from afar.

NFL-7NFL craziness downtown Phoenix and that is Elliot, 6th grader in our group …. I think he was enjoying it hahaha

NFL-8 Another NFL craziness!

Of course I was so tired when we arrived back at school Thursday at midnight and I had to teach the next day.  I am still tired and need to catch up a lot of work.  However, I am grateful.  God is good no matter what.

Here are the things I am thankful for during this experience:

1. I didn’t get sick! (this is important)

2.  Sleeping on the church floor was dreading, but my colleague lent me sleeping bag.  I managed through that night and survived.

3. The students were having a wonderful time.  By the end of the day, two days in a row, A said that she really had a fun day.  I am smiling every time I remember her expression.

4. I got to witness to M. There was a time when the other members of the group were playing something leaving me only with M.  M was comfortable enough to open up and share her life story.  What a great opportunity! I praise God and kept on praying while talking with her.  I hope I can bring a positive influence in her life.

5. I survived Friday!

Soli deo gloria!


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