7th Grade Classroom


Here is my classroom.  It’s not big, but it’s enough for 6 students and 1 teacher.

Classroom-2     Classroom-1

The building was not the best for classroom setting.  The sunshine is bothering us at certain time of the day.  But I am grateful for the sunshine.  Sometimes we need to turn off the lights, sometimes we need to turn the lights on.

The students know that by the end of the school day, they have to put their chair on top of their desk.  That is the janitor’s request so he can sweep/mop the floor.

The classroom is small that my voice seems so loud when I teach.  And when my students talk at the same time, I just can’t understand what they say.  I think the room echoes sound haha.  When it is so quiet, you can hear even a soft sound. Or maybe it is just my sharp hearing.


SmartBoard!!! I am so grateful for technology in my classroom.  We might be in the middle of nowhere, but we have pretty neat technology we can use in the classroom.  I use SmartBoard for almost everything (showing agenda of the day, teaching, showing videos, etc.  I love SmartBoard!  I can use internet in my classroom too which is a big help.


Each classroom is provided with an all-in-one printer (scan, print, copy) and a telephone.  I am so grateful for the printer.  Even when I taught in the huge international school in Jakarta, I had to share printers and computers with other teachers.  Well, I guess size matters.  SVIS is a small school, so probably it makes more sense if teachers have all resources they need in the classroom.  I kind of like it.  I can print/copy teaching materials anytime I need to.

The telephone, though, somewhat is kind of bothering.  But I guess, it is necessary to have a phone in each classroom.  The buildings here are separated, so phone comes handy when emergency or something happened.  My phone rang occasionally.  Phone calls usually mean a student is being picked up, the Principal needs to tell me something, the office informing me this and that about a student.

Emergency procedures are very important here, especially because we are in the middle of nowhere.  We have fire drill almost once a month.  Then we have, earthquake drill, tornado drill, and lock down drill (which makes me so nervous).

Lock down means there is a criminal/fugitive ran away and managed to go in the campus area.  In this case, we have to turn the lights off, close the windows and the door, grab the emergency bag, and hide in the room next to our class without making any noise.  I have to lock every door surrounding us.  The criminal is supposed to think that there is no one in the building.  Our one weakness is that the students have to take off their shoes and change to sandals when they are in the classroom.  So, the students’ shoes are outside and those mean there are people inside.   The school is trying to figure this problem out.  When it really happens, we have no time to put the shoes inside the classroom.

The lock down drill doesn’t happen often.  We had once this month and we won’t have it until next quarter.  So, if the warning of lock down comes in the next couple months, it means the real thing!

Above and beyond, I am grateful for my classroom and provision for it.  God is good! God is good!

Oh, I just thought of sharing this video with you all.  This video was shown to all of us during Chapel this week.

Smile…no matter what happens 🙂


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