And. . .



Let the spring 2013 begin!!!!

My first week of classes was overwhelming.

I am so stressful.

Entering the classes of special eduaction program, I asked my self “what am I doing here?” “Is this the right place for me?”

Struggling to have the required books, I am trying to read them without spending a lot of money.

Being surrounded by American teachers, I feel left out and alone.

But I am grateful for wonderful professors and the little things I got this past week.

I am learning.

How different the education system is in Indonesia and here.

How important it is to know your rights.

How important special education is.

A story told by the prof in my first class: animals have their own uniqueness and abilities; fish swim, eagles fly, snakes slither, etc.  They are good at what they are doing. But once you put them all in a classroom and teach them to achieve the same goal, they fail.  Fish can’t fly, eagle can’t swim.  It is just the same like our education system.  Our children fail when we expect them all to have the same achievement level.  This is where all education system all over the world has something in common.

Will I be one of those teachers fighting for a better future of these failing children?  We will see. . . It’s not the finish line yet.

Anxious, overwhelmed, nervous, excited, worried, afraid. Those are how I feel.

Ready or not, here comes the spring semester. . .

Let it begin indeed. . .


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  1. HI dear Viliya, yes let the spring begin, because you are NOT alone in this!! God is with you!! always remember this!!! and Yes you WILL make a huge diffrence in the life of your students, because you are a great teacher!! Your heart is on the right place!! If it wouldnt be like that, you wouldnt be there, where you are rigth now and trying to learn more!!! So, even there are moments where you wana leave everything, remember that story from your professor, fish cant fly!!!! Keep going!!!! I am soo proud of you!!!!!

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