When things didn’t work, …


and I had to move to live on campus, my life changed.

and I chose to sing… (you can listen to one of my fav songs while reading more)

It has been hard; moved in on the first day of school, settling down in another new place with new neighbors, feeling lonely of no good friends and no inner circle of community (yet), getting used to challenging courses, pondering what exactly I am doing here when I know I had a good life in Indonesia, and the hardest is yet to come: thinking hard how to pay my next semester tuition and expenses!

But I chose to sing.

It has been 2 weeks I am living on campus and I am surviving.



I know God is working in every detail of my life and I am grateful. He loves me and never leaves me, that I know too.

and I chose to sing…

It has been hard, but I am hanging on The Mighty Hands of God

and I will sing…


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  1. Viliya, I can imagine the changes that you are experiencing and the lonesomeness of these first coupele of days/weeks. You will do well. God is with you.

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