Monday, July 30th, the Shooting Day


Bill Preuit is a unique fun man.

He is half Cherokee. He was in the NAVY long time ago. He was a pilot and then the chief of the Aviation Federation. And he has interesting hobby: guns!

He has a HUGE collection of guns. He is a part and founder of a gun club in Wichita.

So, last Monday, when Karren’s grand daughters were still around, he took us to the gun club to shoot.

It was my first experience in shooting. So, I was excited and a bit anxious. I never imagined that I would ever hold a gun! I am a non-violence Mennonite after all. But Bill is a gentleman and he will not hurt anyone. and he is a good teacher.  So, why not? having an experience with guns!

That’s Bill hands preparing the guns. It was only a small piece of his collections.

I tried 3 different guns. It was fun. I never got the target in the center, but it was not bad.


Bill is a story-teller. He is great in explaining things, thus it makes him a good teacher.



I didn’t have the courage to shoot with other guns, especially the rifles.

So, I captured the beauty around the gun club.




It was all fun.  When I went to Bill’s house and saw all his collections, it amazed me.  That is really something!

In the afternoon on Monday, I got another shot, a different one.

I went to the WSU and checked myself in the International Office. First thing I had to do was a TB test. It costed me $ 75 for that test (very expensive, my sister said). It turned out that the nurse shot a needle into my arm and took blood out of my body. That was really a different experience of shooting.

Well, it was a very busy day on Monday. It was all new experience. And I am thankful.


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