While in America, ….


do what the Americans do.

That is what I learned from a discussion with a good friend.

Here I am, in Kansas again, after 3 whole years.

It has been 9 days since I arrived in Wichita.

It feels familiar, yet strange. I am adapting and learning again…

I feel happy, yet sad. I am contemplating…

I feel free, yet restricted. I want my red small automatic motorbike here…

I feel excited, yet worried. I am thinking too much…

I feel full, yet hungry. I want Indonesian food on my dining table…

It seems to be noisy, yet lonely. I miss my family and friends…

Yesterday it seemed like even the sky understood my heart. It drizzled, tearing a bit from the cloud, just like my teary eyes looking at the pieces of home I just put up on the wall of my room.

I wish I bring more things, more pictures, and more memories.  But they are all already in my heart.

I wish I can be at 2 different places at one time, which is impossible.

This is the time when my brain and my heart do not go along.

I don’t know what this is, but I know how to response. I am thankful.

I am thankful for health.

I am thankful for Bill and Karren Preuit who love me and provide a home for me.  It is amazing that Bill looks very similar to my own dad.

I am thankful for sunlight that shines through until 9PM and people who go running and jogging at 3PM under the sun. How strange that be for an Indonesian like me, but I am thankful for those differences I see everyday I am here. The world won’t be fun if everything is the same.

I am thankful for a dog that I will never have at home in Indonesia.


I am thankful for Asian market where I can find a little taste of home. Who can resist Indomie goreng? I can’t.

I am thankful for crispy seaweed, one of my favorite snacks, that I can find here!

I am thankful for the Lichtis, family and friends in Newton. They are always being a part of my dream to come true.

After 3 years, I come back to the preschool I used to work with. I am thankful.

I am thankful for technology.

I am thankful for family and friends in Indonesia, Japan, Bogota, Indiana, and anywhere else who always support me.

I am thankful, I am living my dreams.

I am thankful, God has the best plan for me.

Now, with these thankfulness I will bear it.

I will move on and make my dreams come true.

While in America, do what Americans do…  I will try my best doing it without loosing myself 😉




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