Broken hearted


Once again in my journey of life, I am broken hearted 😦

For three years, I remember him and say a prayer for him almost every single day.

Our friendship has grown along the way.

There is always a hope of meeting him again.

I treasure my feelings for him deep inside my heart.

But it is all broken apart this morning when he told me he is having a relationship with a girl whom he just met 3 months ago.

A lot of questions are bouncing back and forth in my mind. I do not know the answers. But three things I know, God is on my side, He has the best plan for me, and He loves me much.

Maybe I need to go to this island and isolate myself for a few days, maybe. . .


Maybe I am just being melancholic right now, maybe. . .

Maybe it is time to let go, maybe. . .

Hope that tomorrow will bring a new joy in my journey 🙂


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