One Day in Third Grade Classroom. . .


I was teaching about fungi and bacteria that decay dead plants and animals, including dead human. The discussion got more interesting when one student asked “how about Jesus?”

The discussion got even more intense.

Student A (comes from a Buddhist family): “Jesus was not really dead then.” (thinking that Jesus’ body was not decayed)

Student B: “No, Jesus was reborn!”

Ms. Vil: “No,no,no. Jesus was really dead. He was not reborn, but He rose from the death. Jesus is God!”

(there was an argument between some students, some of them got the right idea, some got the wrong idea, some were just silent)

Student B: “So there is God the father, Jesus, and God the holy spirit. How come they are one?” (refering to the trinity doctrin)

Ms. Vil: (pray in her heart “God, please give me wisdom to talk.”)

The discussion ended by the bell and student A and B said “ah, ok, i get it” (after I tried to explain the idea of Jesus’ death, ressurection, and God’s trinity). And I pray that they really got the idea.

This kind of moment reminds me of why I am being called as a christian teacher. Sometimes it is hard, but I am grateful to be a part of God’s work in planting the seeds of salvation in my students’ heart. I do my part and let God do His part.

Let’s keep on doing our part and put the rest in God’s hands đŸ™‚


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