A Friend Visit


On March 10 my friend and his brother from United States visited me. They are having vacation here and intentionally spent one day just to meet me, how cool was that? She is a friend whom I knew since 2004 when she joined SALT program. I visited her in Long Beach, CA just before I returned to Indonesia in 2009. And now in 2012 we can’t believe that we could meet again.


We spent half of the day in one of thousand islands on Java Sea. We went to the Angel Island. And we had a short trip to three other smaller islands around the Angel Island. It was not the place which was the most important thing, but I treasure the companies. We never know when we will meet again. We (I and Annette agreed that there will be no goodbye between us, never!) we are kind of people who are hard to say goodbye hee hee hee


And guess what she gave me as a gift, an LA Galaxy t-sirt with the initial of David Becham, lol. . . .


Thank you, Annette! For the gifts and for being my friend for all these years and the years to come 🙂


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