The Joy of being a Science teacher



Every now and then, I get “surprises” from my students. Just like today, early in the morning a fifth grader gave me a beautiful (dead) butterfly in a container and later in the afternoon a third grader gave me tadpoles (one has hind legs already, making me so excited).

During these 3 years of teaching here, I have received these interesting gifts from my students and I tape them on my locker door in the teachers room that a friend called it insectarium!


They even gave names to those little creatures!





Just because I am their Science teacher who always welcome them giving any interesting creatures (the other two science teachers always reject these kinds of gifts). And maybe because my students know I love animals. Or maybe beacuse I am always happy when they give me those creatures.
Whatever the reason is, this makes me say “how I love my students! I love my job!”

God is never wrong, He always puts me just at the right place. and I don’t regret the time I decided to receive their offer to be a Science teacher. What a joy to be one!


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