Road Trip – 1


Short after we started our new academic year, we had 10-days-holidays for Ramadan.  I and my family used this opportunity to have a family vacation (even though not all of the family members joined it).

I and my older sister went back to our hometown to have a reunion with my sister’s family and my mom there. My second eldest sister and her daughter had arrived in Semarang earlier.  What a big family I have!

Right after we arrived in Semarang, we went to Magelang, a city near Semarang (2 hours drive). We planned to do rafting, unfortunately the river water went so shallow that we couldn’t do it 😦 no rain yet.

Anyway, I enjoyed the hotel, it is a good one. It is next to the Progo river.



My family did some fun crazy stuff.

Some of us (younger people) went to a recreational park just next to the hotel. “Kyai Langgeng” Park. We went on a boat ride, it was not extra fun, but at least we spent time together and enjoyed it.

I wish I could play in the river, but the rocks are huge and slippery.  I wish I had a pair of boot.  Anyway, we went swimming in the swimming pool instead.

In love with my nephew (who celebrated his 15th birthday on August 29):

Puri Asri hotel is a nice place to stay if you stop by this area 🙂



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