23rd July 2011 was a big day in our family. My oldest sister got married on that day in Jogjakarta (a city in Central Java, near my hometown). It was last weekend and I still can feel the hectic atmosphere when we had to wake up at 4AM to go to the salon to get our make-up and hair done.

Above all, we all are happy that finally our oldest one got married.

All member of our family got together in this kind of occasion;  1 mom, 1 brother, 5 sisters, 3 in-laws, 2 nephews, 3 nieces,  uncles and aunts from my father’s side, cousins.

I don’t have the official wedding pictures. These are some pictures captured by my camera.

Joyful time when we met again (Semarang & Jakarta family), hugging cousins.  I wish I took my camera out sooner so that I could capture the long hugging moments.

Calisto home-stay, Jogjakarta

First night eating out in Jogja.

three sisters

4 siblings and 1 in-law

2 aunts, 1 nephew, 2 nieces


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