My school work has started last week.  Things are getting busy.  I get more teaching hours than last year.  Eight classes with 28 meeting periods to teach each week to be exact.   At first I was shocked reading my schedule knowing that my Fridays will be full!  Yet, there are more things to be grateful for.


To wake up at 4.30 Am on every work day, I am grateful that I still can wake up.

To deal with heavy traffic every single day, I am grateful that the Angel of the Lord is always protecting me.

To teach more classes, I am grateful that it means I have more students to be shepherded.

To work harder this year, I am grateful that God still entrust me to do more work and teach me to be responsible.

I can’t imagine the load of grading papers time this coming academic year with 8 classes and about 200 students…. and the pressure from school to finish grading those papers within 2 days after the test is held…

Yet, I am grateful.  I can’t wait to see my new students.  I am excited.  Let my excited heart last till the end of the academic year, I pray.  I think I will enjoy teaching this coming academic year.

Welcome back to school and real life, Vil! 🙂



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  1. yes, welcome to the real life, VIL!!!!! i know the Lord as great things ready for you and he will show you how to deal with each day and each situation!!! your students are soo blessed to have you a their own teacher!!!!! You love God, you love your job, you love your students, sooo it HAS to be good!!! keep going!!
    You know, even its hard some times to keep up with every thing what is asked for you to do, you just do one thing at the time and you will be find! does it make sence to you?? Dear Vil, have fun teaching!!! I am excited read about your schoolyear!!! love and hugs, elly!

  2. oh, strength to you this year! what an amazing load. these might be the times my dad would say: i don’t GOT to do this, i GET to.

    : )

    we miss you!

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