Museum Wayang


Wayang is basically puppets.

When I heard about this museum being in Jakarta, I really wanted to visit it.

I and a friend spent a few hours in the location.  It’s called kota tua Jakarta (Jakarta Old City).

It’s a piece of land surrounded by old buildings established by the Dutchmen which are turned into museums.  One of them is Museum Wayang.

We entered the building and paid the tickets.  Guess how much the ticket was? It’s Rp 2000,- per person or about 20 cents in USD.

This museum is full of puppets from the Indonesian (or probably Asian)  folklore, myth, legend, and history.

Prince Bima from the story of Mahabharata

Prince Gatotkaca who is believed as a strong hero who had iron bones and muscles and  could fly (just like Superman).

Hanoman, the powerful monkey

We went further inside the building.  There is an open area with some tombstones on the wall and some Dutch writings on the other side of the wall.

The wall of tombstones.

The only thing that I understand about the writing is that it is Dutch.  So, I asked my mom who went to the school run by the Dutch to translate it.  It says about the years of establishment of the building and about Jan Pieterszoon Coen as the Mayor of the Batavia (old Jakarta) at that time.  The Wayang museum building was once an old church built by the Dutch.

The Collections:

Heroes of the revolution era

Dutch army





Glass paintings

And there are puppets collection from other countries, most of them are gifts from those foreign countries.

Indian puppet

Chinese puppets

There are some scary ones.




Look at the details:

People who know Bahasa Indonesia will laugh reading those details 😀

These are the characters of a famous puppet show on TV that I and many children of my age watched.  Si Unyil.



Flying Gatotkaca:


Ondel-ondel, puppets of Betawi (native of Jakarta):

There are a lot more of puppets and things which I couldn’t capture with my camera.

Went out from the building, We saw a lot of colorful bikes.  We could rent them, but probably another time when I visit that place again.



I definitely love museums.


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