Reviewing back…


In the last week of  school, I asked all of my students to answer some questions about Science lesson and the teacher.  It’s a good review for me.  And actually you can tell who I am from my students’ answers … LOL 😀

These are some interesting ones out of 165 students:

(I really want to know who wrote this,  LOL… )

(LOL… medium but scary when mad… LOL)

(I like this, strict and funny)

(highlighted: helps me become a better christian student. :))

This is the kind of answer I expected when I asked them what is the most important thing you learnt in Science.  Only one student wrote this.  It is so interesting to know what they have learnt in Science.  Most students wrote invertebrates, animals, weather, etc.  But these are some really interesting ones. Check these out:

highlighted: learn to be responsible with my own things 🙂

highlighted: learn to be independent 🙂


1. Good, but Ms. Vil has to give more love and games.

2. Good, but Ms. Vil has to be more patient later on.

3. I learnt not to give up even though Ms.Vil was angry to me.  I have to be better in grade 4.

LOL…hahahahaha…. 😀

I think discipline is a big issue in my class.

I like this.

I guess I said these too often: pay attention, follow the lesson, and understand the lesson. LOL 😀

Self-control is indeed important 😉

I love this one: do your best in everything 🙂

These are some sweet ones:

this girl is moving to another school and she asked me if I want to move to that school too.  I’m sorry, Biya, I’ll stay in IPEKA :(, but don’t worry we’ll meet again someday.

I love you too, Cherine.

Nominated as the best teacher by your students is more precious than nominated the best teacher by any school foundation.

They remember when I brought tadpoles to their classes 🙂

They definitely love playing games.  Anyway, who don’t?

Do you notice the picture of me up there?  Why do I look like a man? LOL…LOL…. another reason why I love my students 😀

Yeay, I have my own lab here 🙂

Yup, plants do not sneeze 😉

drawings that make me smile.

And then came the wild drawings that made me laugh.

Hm… comparing Ms.Vil to a dog?? How dare he/she!  And I am bald in the middle part of my head?!?!?!  LOL, LOL …. 😀

Now, can you tell why I love my students? 😉

Children are precious, more precious than valuable materials.


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