Sometimes God allows me to feel hurt inside my heart and then He reminds me that I am LOVED.

Yesterday, on our last day at school, God sent me a colleague who is a friend indeed.  I have never thought this way or feel this way.  But she shared me a story.

One day, she was meeting the principal.  The principal asked her how  her first year working in IICS is, whether there is any comforting friend around her at school.  Surprisingly (for me), she mentioned my name (and only my name): Miss Viliya.

Without realizing it, it turns out that I am a big help for her to adjust in this school.  She feels comfort around me.  What a sweet feeling she gave me! 🙂

Sometimes, I focus too much on others whom I thought are close to me and hurt me that I don’t realize there are other people who really care for and love me.

Not only that, God sent other friends asking me how I am doing, chatting with me from far far away places, friends whose blogs are inspiring me.

Thank you, friends! I am grateful that God creates a relationship called friendship 🙂  I have friends around the world.  I am content.  I am grateful.


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