Look at my beauty…


I live in the front part of Ms.Viliya’s house.

Look at me.  I am Kamboja plant. I have two-colors flowers on one plant.  Ms.Viliya’s mom did something to me that I can bloom two different colors of flowers: red and pink.

I am unusual flower.  I don’t have any petals.  Look at that white stick-like flower, that’s me.

I am not-yet-bloomed Jasmine.  I smell very good when I bloom.

I am orange Soka.  I was not bloomed yet, but wait for a week and you’ll see how beautiful I am.

I am very thorny!  Look at my thorns.  But I have beautiful red flowers.  Ms.Viliya’s dad planted me and loved me!

Ms.Viliya planted my seeds.  I am small hot green chili.  After all these times, finally my flowers bloom.  Let’s wait and see whether I will grow some hot green chili or not.

I am pink Kamboja.

I am beautiful,  aren’t I?

Hope you enjoy the pictures  -Ms.Viliya- 🙂


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