It’s Field Trip Time


After two years working in this school, finally I got a chance to join the field trip.  Actually we have field trip like three times in an academic year, but it’s so rare for subject teachers to join them due to our teaching schedule.  I am so grateful to be in charge of grade 3 field trip this time.  Even though I had to handle things and was so tired running around to take pictures and to make sure that all groups got to do the activities on schedule,  I Had FUN! 🙂

We went to the WORLD ROBOTIC EXPLORER.  It was located in a mall in downtown Jakarta.

It says “the first robotic house in the world”.

The students were lining up before they entered the robotic place.

This place is like a futuristic site.  There are separated rooms where the students do their activities.  Every room has a door that cannot be opened unless you slide the small access code tool on the scanner.  When you do that, the door will slide open to the right and to the left (split into halves, just like in the movies).

On the entrance hall way, you can see some prototype of big robots including this one.

In the Movie room, the students watched a documentary movie about futuristic life with robots.  They showed the development of the robotic cars and houses.  They showed a house which is run by a software with a woman avatar called Cleopatra.  She controls all the house parts, even the grocery lists.  For example if you bought a pack of cookies and then you ate one , she would record how many cookies left in the fridge.  If you lack of that cookies one day, she would remind you to buy the cookies again.  She records everything.

The movie also showed that they are making a taxi robot that can drive itself. It will come whenever you call it and when you arrive at your destination, it will leave immediately to the next costumer.  (you know what I was thinking while watching this?  What will happen to all of those human taxi drivers??)

Then they showed that they also made a very sophisticated car called Gina.  The brand is BMW.  Gina is covered with flexible leathery silver skin.  She has the lights inside her.  You do not need to turn it on, she will slide open her leathery skin and the lights will go out from the opening.  Gina is very fancy.  I want Gina (hahahaha).  Unfortunately I cannot take pictures in the movie room, it’s very dark.

In the lab, there was a man who explained who invented robot, how a robot works, chips inside robots, etc.  It was a show and tell.  He has this scorpion robot that responses to  the clapping hands sound.  When you clap your hands, it will come to you.

In the programming room,  the students can work on the computers to do something with the robotic programs.

In the workshop room,  the students were asked to make a robot and then connect it to the computer and test whether the robot can move or not.

The boys liked it.  Even the girls were excited.


In the Activity room,  the students got an explanation about making robot, then they were given some materials to make a robot.  They worked in pairs.

Oh! and the girls got to play with the dog robots they made. The robots can move by itself, they are just like toys with batteries.

There is Library where the students can read books about robots and play quizzes about robots in the comp.  The ones who got the highest score got a voucher.

Then in the big area in the middle,  we got to see the dancing robots!

They had another dancing robot and asked two volunteers to come on stage.  Guess what they did.  They have to copy the robot’s movement.  It was so fun.

They also played soccer with robots! Boys versus girls.

hm…probably it’s more of basketball than soccer.  Whatever it is, it is fun.

And of course we had group photo session.

Grade 3.1

Grade 3.2

Grade 3.3

Grade 3.4

And personal photo session too (LOL)

I have to admit that my face is scary in this picture.  The robot is even prettier than me, aaaahh………  I was just so excited to hold that red robot. The robot is heavy.

This one can’t be held.

Each student got a “souvenir” from WRE (actually the school paid for it).  It’s Ollo Action, a package of material to build robot that can move using batteries.  And the teachers got it too, including me, yay!!! 😀

FUN!!!! 🙂


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