A Week in the Big Apple


It was time for VBS again at our school.  On April 11 – 15, Grade 1-4 students and teachers were enjoying our time in New York. Our theme this year is “Big Apple Adventure, Where faith and life connects”

I was in Snack Station again (since I am also teaching grade 5).  It has been fun.  We took a lot of time to prepare the decorations, a lot of painting.

There were 8 teachers in “Midtown Snack” station.  We had a lot of fun together.

We had 5 days with different themes.  4 days with kids activities; students moved from 1 station to another.  On the 5th day, there was Parent’s Night when they got the message of Christ and the students performed.  Each day was a fun day.  Unfortunately I was also teaching grade 5, so there were days when I didn’t help my friends in “Midtown Snack” Station.  But I got a chance to lead how to make “Stoplight Crispy”, only once.

Oh, yes! You can use your hands to make your own “Stoplight crispy”.  We got messy all the time.

The songs are also fun.  I love the songs! (and the dancing part, of course)

“Connect with love….”

“Connect with trust…”

Parents Night is always interesting.  A hectic moment, tiring, exciting, a lot of picture time.

I had never imagined to take picture with the principal (only the two of us), but it happened!

Some of students performances.

There were many things which could not be captured by my camera.  Every details when we painted the decorations,  the night when we put up all the decoration and went home at 9 PM.  The parents night that went chaotic because the speaker arrived late,  lack of hot dog for parent’s food.  My gosh! And the worst part for me was when a parent was very angry and said bad words to me only because she didn’t get the hot dog.  Oh my!  If only I was the one who had the authority and the hot dogs, I would have given her all the hot dogs!  It was the first time for me to face an angry parent (only because of hot dog) in my entire teaching career.

Over all,  I am grateful to be a part of this year VBS.  I don’t know whether I’ll join next year VBS or not.  I enjoyed every moment I had  😀


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  1. i am AMAZED at the amount of beautiful work you all go to! i remember this from other years of vbs. the decorations are like a movie set!

    and oh, viliya, i am so sorry you had an angry parent. in some ways, maybe it is better that it was about a hot dog and not something more important (?!?!?!?). i hope that parent has a little more happiness in her life by now. and maybe a hot dog.

    well done, friend!

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