Christmas and New Year


I thought this Christmas will be plain. Our family never put up Christmas decoration or Christmas tree. And of course there’s no snow here.  It’s so different from the malls Christmas decoration, family Christmas gathering, homemade Christmas food or parties.  Sometimes I envy other families culture or other country’s culture. Yet, Christmas is not only about those decorations and cultures. It’s celebrating Jesus’ birth.  And it all depends on the heart. I found joy in every moment of Christmas and New Year i have spent this year.

I took out a Christmas ornament given to me by a preschooler long time ago in 2008. I put it on the window.

I spent Christmas time in Jakarta with my sisters and my brother family. Then I flew to Semarang to spend New Years time with family and friends there.

New Year’s Eve dine out. We were waiting for the food, delicious food.

Movies with nieces and nephew.

Visiting my dad. It was a cloudy and really windy day. But the view is beautiful. Seeing this, I am grateful that he is laying down on a beautiful place.

Going to my home church is something that I am longing for. I miss my home church so much that when I was there I wanted to stay back in Semarang again. Meeting good friends and my pastor again. What a joy.

Rev. Yeanny M.S.  She is my pastor, my sister, my inspiration.

Spending more time with family and eat more. What a joy.

Well, I asked a waitress to take the picture. I guess she was not experienced, she cut out my face 😦 so I asked her again to take another picture. Well, I can’t have everything I want, so I have to be satisfied with these pictures. My brother-in-law didn’t mind about pictures at all, he was enjoying his meal 🙂

To my surprise, I got a mail from Japan! It’s a Christmas card and a little gift from a friend who is living in Japan with her husband now. Another joy!

To complete my joy, I received a package from Newton, Kansas! A box full of love from friends in Kansas, and also some gifts for winning a photo competition. How I miss those special friends!

The envelope says; To “Yes, World! I am gorgeous”  winner. I won the competition through this picture.

I am back in Jakarta, getting ready for work again on Monday. Christmas and New Year fun has ended. But my heart is full of love, joy, and gratitude. Christmas is never plain after all.

A small ornament came in the box. Now my old ornament is not alone anymore. What a joy!


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