Travel and Food


Travelling has been a fun adventure for me. This time, I chose to spend three days in Bandung with two teacher friends. Bandung is the capital of West Java, smaller than Jakarta (but it’s not less crowded), and is about 3 hours drive from Jakarta.

Wani, Juli, and Vilia

For my friends, this trip meant shopping. For me, it’s more about having fun and experience new places (and food of course).

We ate “serabi”.  You can call it Indonesian pancake. These ones didn’t taste as good as what we expected. But we were glad we tried those.

We went to Paris van Java on the first night. Actually it’s a mall with a unique design. They have an outdoor shopping area on the ground, a path with fashion and food stalls along the way, beautiful lamps, and birds cages. They also have 2 underground levels of indoor shopping mall. They have a place for live music in the front area. When we got there, something caught my eyes. A spot in the center which was full of sunflowers. It just reminded me of KANSAS!

Then it was time for me to have a coffee break 🙂

Irish coffee: espresso, milk, and whisky. love it!

Walks through Paris van Java.

I guess the management put the birds inside that cage to make the mall more interesting. But I wish I could just let the birds go.

A new day brought a new experience.

A snowman in a fashion world. Good thing is that it won’t melt no matter how hot it is.

We also went to Cihampelas Walk. It is a kind of mall with the similar design as Paris van Java.

The most exciting experience on that day for me was to go to the Valley resto. It was famous for the view from it. It is a restaurant on the slope of the mountainous area. We can see all areas of Bandung from that restaurant. It was beautiful. It reminded me of Semarang that has those kinds of restaurants too.

You can see a dot of light running along a path from a far.  We guessed that it was a motorbike.   Good food, good view 🙂

Asparagus soup

Chicken butterfly: fried rice, fried chicken, king prawn, three kinds of salad, and sauces. It was the most delicious meal of the day for me 🙂

A very cloudy sunset at the Valley resto. Actually It was raining when we got there. But then the night got more beautiful with all the lights on.

A very cloudy sky

Do you see the lights on that big tall pine tree? We were wondering how they put the lights on that tall tree.

We close our adventure with the last meal in Bandung. I chose the most unusual one.

Mango tea: special iced tea with real mango and jelly in it. Love it!!

Tea fried rice: fried rice with special spices and slices of tea leaves. Fried egg and kerupuk as accompaniment. Extra order of grilled sausage (which is the specialties of this cafe). The fried rice is unusual but worth to try.

I recommend you to go this cafe when you are in Bandung (if you are as adventurous as me) and try the tea fried rice. Hm…. do you think I can make or try something like coffee fried rice? hahahahaha 😀

I won’t travel to Bandung again until who knows when, but I hope this won’t be my last trip there. See ya next time, Bandung 🙂



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  1. my kids would love nothing more than to experience those malls. i’m impressed again at the attention to detail of this culture. and that reminds me of you trying to teach jerry how to cut the carrots small enough.

    oh, we miss you!

  2. What fun! I’m sure you could make coffee fried rice, but I’m not sure it would taste very good. Better stick to tea! KS sunflowers and Irish coffee – great combo! Wish I were there with you.

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