That’s a question people ask when something bad comes into their lives.

Why did my dad pass away when I was so far away? Why do we have to be sick? Why do we have to be broken hearted? Why did Mount Merapi erupt? Why did we have tsunami (again)?  why…and why…

Trying to understand, I found two books I want to read.

I am reading “Broken Things” right now. Then i’ll read the next one.

Actually, I’m a kind of person who believe that God loves me so much, He gives me the best no matter what happens, and He has a perfect plan for me. I don’t really need the answers for why questions. There are some things that I can’t comprehend and I don’t need to know right now. God is good no matter what!

But I’m curious about what the authors said in their books. I think they are good and encouraging books 🙂


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