Get Well Soon…


Those are what people said to me.

I’ve been sick for more than a month. It started in the beginning of September. It started with a fever and a very bad sore-throat. The fever went away, but the sore-throat came again and again. This was my forth sore-throat and cough in the month. I have taken 3 different antibiotics and other medicines. I went to the doctor twice in 5 days! I got very sick that I had to take two days off from school. I couldn’t use my voice to teach.

So sad and frustrating!

This small note had brighten my day.

What a pleasant surprise from a sweet student of mine!

Colleagues were praying for me,  friends were coming to my desk and ask me how I was,  they are wishing me a good health,  good friends were taking care of my jobs when I was not at school,  students who were understanding and not being so noisy when I had to teach with a very limited voice,   a very far away friend said hi and asked “how are you?” through chat,   sisters who love me and care for me,   and a mini card from a student!

A lot of reasons to be grateful and glorify God no matter what happened to me. Love and grace, there they are, pouring into my life.

Let these be my last medicine i will take tonight. I am ready to say good bye to them:

And I can’t wait to eat my birthday ice cream cake! Yippee!  😀


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