Celebrating 29 Years of Amazing Journey…


and entering the 30th year of my life…. nervous, excited, worried, joyful, anxious, all mixed up.

Looking back on my life journey, I feel grateful.

Being born the last in the family and growing up through the years…

1 year old, 1981

30 September 1982

30 September 1983

going to kindergarten

1st grade

2nd grade

3rd grade (visited by my oldest nephew)

5th grade

Joining a lot of dancing activities.

High School

Joined the cheers team in high school (I was at the very top, aw…)

baptized on 25th August 1996

and being so active in church ministries since then; dancing at christmas, playing dramas, singing in choir, leading youth team, playing music, teaching children Sunday school, and many more…

10 years of companionship with this special “man’s best friend” called Boni, I still miss her sometimes

Being the only one in the family who graduated from the university.

Got a teaching job in Cambridge Child Development Center.

Got a teaching job again in another school.

Joined a wonderful program called IVEP through MCC. Meeting A LOT of people from around the world.

Living in Newton, KS with two wonderful people.

Experiencing a deep loss of our loved one.

Working with wonderful people.

Experiencing SNOW.

travelling a lot to many places in USA; Chicago, Indianapolis, Goshen, St.Louis, places around Kansas, Colorado, California, and visited one place where my mom really wants to go: Niagara Falls.

Meeting long-time-no-see friends.

Coming back to Indonesia and got a teaching job right away. Making friends with new people once again. Feeling the joy of teaching.

If you ever wonder, I am on the second row from the lowest row, the fourth person from the left side.

movie night with teacher friends

“Farewell” picture for my partner’s maternity leave. We will not see her until January 2011.

Visiting my partner in the hospital after the surgery.

WOW….! And there are still a lot more! 29 years! All of those places I’ve been, all those people who are coming into my life. All that God has done for me. Those are amazing years of my life journey. And I am still curious what will I experience next. Some people say life begins at 30, hm….

Even though, I was sick, stayed at home, and went to the doctor on the day I turned 30, still I am grateful, so grateful and I keep believing.

30 September 2010, the fried noodle my mom made me for my birthday.

(Noodle is a must for a birthday in Chinese culture, it represent long life since noodles are long)

Today I cut the ice cream cake i bought for my birthday to share with family. Unfortunately, I may not eat it until I am done with medication.

A song that is always in my heart:

Thank You Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. Thank You Jesus.

It’s only by Your grace that I can live today, forever I will praise Your Name.

I am grateful, grateful for amazing 29 years and many more to come.


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  1. DEar Viliya,Happy 30th year of life! I confirm after celebrating 30 years of life, it onley gets better;) enjoy this year!!! I wish you a wonderfull year, there are many blessings waiting for you, try to finde them all!!!! It is up to you to get them!;) God bless you and give you a totaly recovering from your illness!!!
    Love and hugs, your friend, EllY!!

  2. oh, viliya, thank you for this post. i love seeing you as a small child!

    and i wish you a wonderful, wonderful next year of life. your awareness of the blessings in your life is inspiring.

    thank you for your phone message, we all listened to it. : )

    happy, happy birthday, friend.

  3. Those photos are awesome, thanks for posting them. When the girls get home I’m going to show them what Miss Viliya looked like as a little girl. Have the happiest of years, we love you!!

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