Remembering Two Years Without You…



Monday, September 1st 2008. It was almost 6 AM. “tulilulilut” my cell phone rang. I woke up immediately from my restless sleep. I knew it must be something important. It was a text from my brother-in-law. It said, “vilia, call hospital and talk to papi right now. The number is … . “

In no time, I got up and reached the phone. I dialed the number. The nurse answered the phone and she passed it to my father’s room. My sister answered it. She said, “I’ll put the phone on papi’s ear. You talk. He can not answer but he can hear you.” I knew from her voice that she was crying a lot.  She put the phone on papi’s ear and I began to talk.

“Halo, Papi. This is vilia. I know you can hear me… I am fine here…. Don’t worry about me…. I love you…. You are the best father for me. I know you believe in Jesus. Promise me that we will meet again in heaven, promise me….don’t worry…. Just believe in Jesus…” I heard my father answered me, “ya…ya…ya….ya…’. But it was just the sound of his breath.

My sister took the phone away and asked me if I was done talking. I said yes and let me know if something happened. I hang up the phone. I knew exactly what would happen. I knew it was the last time for me to talk to him.

I walked out my room and talked to Vicki and Norm, telling them the situation. I needed to go home immediately; my family wanted me to be there. Vicki called MCC office. While waiting, I had my breakfast. It was the most tasteless breakfast I’ve ever had. My cell phone rang again at around 9. My sister sent me message,” be strong, you know that pa is already gone, right? Come home as soon as you can.” My anxiety was gone. Sad, grieve, relieved, and tired, all mixed into one. At the same time, Vicki received a call from ivep coordinator, telling her that my father had passed away. Then she took care of my ticket. I had no worries at all; I knew everything was under control. I took moment to cry in my bath, packed my things and got ready to leave. I was leaving that afternoon. While waiting the time to go, I picked the tomatoes in the garden with Vicki. She took pictures of me, smiling everywhere.

We went to the airport earlier, waiting, chatting, hugging goodbye. After passing through all the security procedures, I turned my head to see whether they still there or not. I smiled seeing that they were still there, waving my hand, and…my another long journey had just begun.

We still love you and miss you 🙂


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  1. I remember well when you had to leave to go home for your father’s funeral. Time passes so fast! Two years ago that was.
    Has your school year started again? Here the public schools started about two weeks ago already.
    It has been very hot here during much of July. I think probably it will be somewhat cooler this month.
    I trust you are doing well.

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