Where does the time go?


I used to carry them.  I used to play with them.

I used to pick them up from school, asked them to hold on around my waist tightly so that they wouldn’t fall from the motorbike since they were small and young.

Now, I can’t carry them anymore. I don’t play with them. They are the ones who give me rides on the motorbike. See why?

They are even taller than me! They are my niece and nephew in Semarang, Vicky and Yosi. I call them “nonik” and “nyo-nyo” though (Chinese way to call little girl and little boy).

Oh, my, where does the time go?

The other day, before i went back to Jakarta, Yosi asked me; “I vel (chinese way of calling an aunty, it means aunty Vil), will you stay back in semarang again?”

It took me a few minutes to respond. I asked why. He said he just wants me to stay there again (with him). Oooohhhhh!!! I sadly said that for now I am not planning to stay back in Semarang 😦

Anyway, it makes me so grateful of having nieces and nephews, all 7 of them 🙂


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