Once more i return to Semarang, a place i call my hometown. But is it a home for me? I am not sure anymore.

My sister treats me like a guess. She asked me where i want to go, what’s the plan, what i want to eat (the food i can’t find in jakarta), etc. She and her husband are willing to take me anywhere i want to go if they can.

First thing first. My main reason to go to Semarang again is to get my official copies of my transcript and translate my diploma into english. So i went to my campus to process it. It is not done yet, i have to go back there again before i return to Jakarta.

The next day after i arrived, we went to Yogjakarta (a cultural city, about 3,5 hours driving from Semarang). My niece and my nephew wanted to play ice skating, but they were dissapointed because the ice skating place was moved to another city. So off we went to other places in the town. Finding a hotel to spend the night.

Meeting friends who happened to be in Yogja too .

Major and Karen Treadway are Indonesian IVEP-SALT-YAMEN coordinators now. They have been in Indonesia for a year and they plan to stay for 3 more years here 🙂

Strolling the famous Malioboro street, buying some souvenirs for my nieces and nephew in Jakarta, finding street music performance. It’s too bad that i couldn’t take clear pictures.

The next day, we stopped by at several places in town. Watching a girl making traditional batik in an art exhibiton in a mall.

The dark liquid is melted wax, the small wooden tool is called “canthing“.

The girl was scooping the liquid wax with “canthing” then she traced the drawings on the fabric using “canthing”. After that, she would dye the fabric in colored water. the part with the wax on it will stay white so it will make beautiful batik design on the fabric.

The girl processing the batik. I love Indonesian batik 🙂

A visit to Yogja won’t be complete if we don’t eat Gudeg Yogja. Gudeg is a special traditional food from Yogja. As i think now, each place in Indonesia has a specialization in food; Lumpia Semarang, gudeg Yogja, Coto Makasar, Sate Madura, Timlo Solo, Mpek mpek Palembang, and so on.

So, we decided to eat gudeg for luch that day.

When we get in this “warung“, we will see these Javanese writing on the upper wall. It says “sugeng rawuh” means welcome. I studied Javanese language (including the writing) when i was in primary school. Until now i still remember some of the letters 😀

Here it is Gudeg Yogja.

When we are done and walking out from the ‘warung‘, we will see these writing on the wall:

It says; “matur nuwun’ means thank you 🙂

That’s the end of our trip to Yogja. But it was not the end of my trip. On Sunday, we went to a coffee plantation which has a coffee resto in it. It is called “Waroeng Kopi Banaran“. It is located in a very small town called Bawen (between Semarang – Salatiga). It is about 1 hour driving from Semarang.

Besides selling coffee and food, this place also offer some recreational program. They have flying fox, riding 4-wheelers on the route, and a tour around the coffee plantation. i really want to have a tour around the coffee plantation. Unfortunately, everytime i went to this place, it is always crowded with people. We had to wait about more than 2 hours to have the tour. So i decided to walk on the track to find this coffee plantation by myself accompanied by my nephew. (Major Treadway, if you read this post, you will be happy because i do what you suggested me: “Stop being an American, don’t ask just walk around by yourself! ah hahahaha :D)

Along the way, i found a spot to take picture hahaha

After 15 minutes walking, we finally found the starting point of the coffee plantation.

Surrounded by coffee trees.

Coffee plants.

Smelling coffee flowers 🙂 They smell nice.

Walking back to the parking area. The people on the left side of the track were waiting to ride 4-wheelers.

Oh! On the way to the coffee plantation, we stopped by at the big buddhist pagoda.

Posing beside the statue of merciful goddess called Kwan Im.

A very big tree on the front yard of the pagoda with offering spot under it.

I look so tiny in front of the pagoda.

My brother-in-law captured a picture of me looking at the sclupture on the stairway to the main door of the pagoda, and this is what i looked at:

There is a big statue of Budha inside the pagoda. People have to take off shoes to enter the main area of the pagoda.

For you who didn’t know: Indonesia is a country which admit 5 religions. They are Islam, Christianity, Chatholic, Budha, and Hindu. So we can easily find these 5 religions place of offerings. Mosque, vihara, churches, temples, you name it. 

Besides all of those trips, i also went to my home church which made me feel so comfortable, so homy, so peaceful. Meeting a dear pastor, spending time with a bestfriend who misses me, meeting friends, going to the new biggest mall in the city, enjoying my first Semarang starbucks coffee with a niece and a nephew, planning to watch a movie with them. And of course taking a picture with an old yet very young little friend who still remembers me and calls me with a familiar call “cik vil

Well, i guess this won’t be my last visit to Semarang, a place i call my hometown.


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  1. you are so aware of your feelings, your surroundings, your thoughts…all of this makes you who you are.

    it’s nice to see your familiar smile!

  2. Looks like you had a great time!
    That photo of the pagoda was amazing. When I scrolled, it looked as though the pagoda were moving!

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