Upon a request of a friend, i am writing this story.

I bought round trip flight ticket online to Semarang. As usual, of course i was looking for the cheapest one on the date i wanted to fly. I found Batavia Air.

On June 29, I went to the airport 2 hours earlier since i heard from my family that it would be crowded and the check-in queue would be long. The airport was crowded indeed, but the queue was not too bad on my flight. In fact, i was the second person to check-in i think.

I was already dissapointed when the woman behind the desk told me that there was a delay for about 2 hours for my flight. She explained that it was because of maintenance problems. well, oh, ok, i thought i can handle it. It was “only” 2 hours late. It could have been worse. My flight was supposed to take off at 16.35

The thing was that the terminal was so crowded, no place to sit around, and i was alone! And of course no starbucks coffee to sit, drink, and open my netbook 😦

After wandering around, i found a place (quite far from my terminal) to sit and drink and read a book. I spent about 1 hour or so in that place and returned to my terminal. I decided to go into the gates area. Surprise surprise…I saw a lot of people in that area, most sitting on the floor, and my gate waiting room was so so full of people that i couldn’t find a place for me to just be around. I found out that all destinations were delayed. Some people have been waiting since 12 pm. I found an empty seat outside the gate area. Waiting and waiting, no announcement about my flight. It was already 18.30. I was curious, so i asked the officers, they said my plane hadn’t arrived yet. oh my my.

I talked to other passangers. Some of them have been waiting since noon and they are flying to other islands. The company provided supper and drinks and also some snacks for the passangers. but only passangers to other islands got the supper (i guess). They didn’t even announce that they provide food and drinks. I saw them put the food and drinks behind their desk. Well, i didn’t want to eat anyway, i just wanted to fly to Semarang immedietly. My sister is Semarang was already worried whether the flight was going to be cancelled or not.

Finally, they called us (the flight to Semarang), yay! BUT….                                    i thought i would go inside the plane right away. I was wrong. we had to go down the stairs without any guidence where to go. We didn’t know that we were supposed to wait for a bus to take us to the plane. It was really messy situation. A man got really upset and yelled. oh my my. well, anyway, we got in the bus, unfortunately the bus driver didn’t know which airplane to go, so we were in the bus (crowded) circling around the field finding the airplane. Oh, my goodness!! Arrrghhh!!!

Thankfully, the driver found it and we finally flew to Semarang at about 19.30 (3 hours late).

I was so dissapointed that i intended to cancell my return flight and bought another ticket from another airlines. But with many considerations, i only rescheduled my flight. I changed it to July 7th in the morning.

I don’t think i will trust them to fly anymore.

Well, and probably it’s true what my brother-in-law said; ” ada harga ada rupa” (means that the price i pay resembles with the service i get)


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  1. Even “name-brand” airlines have their moments. This spring, flying Delta from Wichita to South Bend, IN – was delayed in Atlanta and instead of arriving in South Bend at 5pm I ended up in Indianapolis at 11pm. The only other choice was to spend the night in Atlanta and get to South Bend the next noon. Frustrating to be sure!!

  2. Viliya,
    thanks so much for posting this, and I should have commented earlier. 🙂
    Thanks so much, now that I understand I’m not taking Batavia. Sometimes flights are canceled due to many reasons, but professional ones usually have spare planes to replace.

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