My Science World


Today we had closing year program. There were two science stations where parents could come and watch their children performing the experiments and projects they have done during this academic year.

I was in charge of Science Station B (grade 3 and 4). I was accompanied by a grade 3 teacher who was really helpful, thanks miss Tya.

I and miss Mieke worked on simple decorations and signs for this program. And here it is; our Science World.

The picture below is indicating why i have severe backpain lately. My burden on my back is so heavy. Miss Mieke, where are you?????? come and help me, the science world is too heavy for me……. ( LOL :D)

I and my partner were trying hard to prepare the students to perform in front of parents. We did our best and we believe God are taking care of the rest. See the grade 3 and grade 4 scientists in action.

Noah was explaining how to make a home-made volcano that can errupt.

Jethro, Moses, and Sidney were explaining about the candle experiment.

Brian and jessica were showing the experiment os the last straw.

The scence. I shouldn’t help them to explain. So, they did it. I am proud of them, they did well. At the end, I asked them to clap together and pat their own back and say to themselves : good job 🙂

We also had fun photo session (at least for me hee hee)

Ms. Vil & Ms. Tya (She is a lot more younger than me, so friendly, she started our chat when i was so burdened to adjust in the new school, she is nice)

Btw, i am not really wearing eye glasses. those are hollow, no glass on the frame, haha, it was for students to wear to pretend to be real scientists.


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  1. Very cool!!!! (And you must be so strong after carrying around the weight of the WORLD!) 🙂

    Any fun plans for during your break from classes?

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