Decision (again)!


In the midst of sickness, unfinished works, and very busy days, again i have to make urgent and crucial decision.

It’s approaching the end of academic year, the school hasn’t gave me any information whether they will hire me for the next year or not.  Another school called me, they want to interview me. and the interview is tomorrow!

My principal is not around, so i asked the vice principal for permission to take some hours off tomorrow morning. i will never make any excuses or lie, so honestly i told her wht’s going on. maybe i am a too honest person. at first with a heavy heart, she said yes. but at the end of the day, everything is clear, i got fully sincere permission from VP and the principal herself, realizing that this is concerning someone’s future and God is involved in it.  They appreciate me for being honest. And giving me a previllige to talk to the principal first on Monday about the school decision on me. More evaluation, more struggle.

Oh….. I often give peace and comfort wishes to friends, but now i need to wish myself peace and comfort.

I know who holds my future; God and God alone.


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