A Big Friend


Have you seen a very big caterpillar before? This is my first time anyway.

This Sunday afternoon, waking up from my nap, my sister called me out and telling me that there’s a big caterpillar.

It has a small horn on its head.

Look how firm it holds the stem of the jasmine plant. (yes, it is on my sister’s jasmine plant)

Do you see two green things on the leaf in the middle? Those are its poops (those are big!) oh,my! if it’s not clear, you should see the photo below:

do you see the green spots? those are a lot of poops! i can imagine how many leaves it has eaten! I hope the poops will be good fertilizer for the jasmine.

beautiful, isn’t it? from its appearence, i can imagine a bit of how beautiful it woul be when it turns into a butterfly. I pray that i have a chance to see it. I think it will be a few more weeks till it turns to a butterfly.

But, sssst! don’t tell my mom, because if she knows this, the caterpillar will be gone by tomorrow morning. She doesn’t like all caterpillars because they eat a lot of  her plants.

hm…. i wonder if there’s a reddish caterpillar that will turn into a reddish butterfly hm….. 🙂

OH, MY GOODNESS!   I WAS WRONG!    It was not the horn, it’s the TAIL!

i came out again just now and found out it is eating with the part i once thought as the bottom part!

Silly Vilia! now i know which one is the head and which one is the bottom part, ha! 😀


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  1. As beautiful as this caterpillar is – if it were in my garden I would explain to it that its’ time on earth is done. It can eat a whole lot of a tomato plant in one day! We call it a tomato hornworm. Yours must be a first cousin. 🙂

  2. I’ve seen these get to be 4″ long (monstrous) & it will eat a whole plant in one day! They actually turn into a hummingbird moth also known as a hawk moth. They are beautiful – brown with hot pink stripes on the belly & flutter around similar to the flight of a hummingbird. Careful though- I pick them off with my pruning shears & you can hear their teeth scraping against the metal shears. I’d hate to see what it can do to my skin!

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