Big Sky Grill


VBS theme (this is the back of my t-shirt):

Our symbol:

And, here it is, our Big Sky Grill (snack station) in our VBS

You can touch the clouds in our Big Sky Grill.

getting ready before the students came

our messy but fun momments:





a photo session after prayer meeting (we had prayer meeting everyday on that week before we started our VBS day). I challenge you to find me in these photos:

some decorations made by parents:

The finale (parent’s night on Friday night):

The chapel was full of parents. Hopefully the sermon filled their heart.

Students performance. I almost cried when seeing these students singing…. i want to be like Jesus….. :

after the service, they got a touring around the stations where their children enjoyed VBS days. Then they will get dinner boxes distributed by subject teachers (including meeeeeeee……)

All diner boxes were gone from the table, and it came the time for us to eat our dinner 😉 and celebrate our hard work for these past two weeks. oh yeah!

Our snack station team (holding souvenirs from the school):

Saddle Ridge Ranch

Need anwers? Ask God 🙂


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  1. oooohhhhhhhhhhhh my gosh, you and your coworkers did a GREAT job!!! wow, that decoration was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
    wow, no wonder you where sooo tired after a day at school!!!! May God bless and reward you for this!!!
    have a great weekend, relax!!!!!love and hugs!!

  2. You did a beautiful job!! I’m glad Google has you high on their list so I could see it. We are doing VBS June 14-18. It will not be as elaborate as yours, but we are just getting the program off the ground. Maybe in a few years. 🙂 Looks like your kids had a great week!

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