Ok, i’ve been away from my blog for a pretty long time.

And this is what i’ve been doing this week.

This coming week our schools is having VBS (Vacational Bible School) for grade 1 – 4 students. It’s a program we adapt from LifeWays in USA. The school has it once in an academic year. It’s my first VBS in this school. I’m learning. So, we have stations: music, bible, music, games, mision, and snack. Snack station is the only one which has only one room to use. Others stations are divided into rooms with two groups of teachers. we have 375 students joining this VBS.

The students will come into each station as scheduled daily. Then, on Friday night we will have parent’s night service in which the students will perform the songs they learn during the VBS. Believe me, the songs are so much fun! with all the dancing! i love them. i’ll try to get some video of them.

I’m in snack station (oh, yeah!), showing the students how to make special snacks and drinks refering to the theme. Oh, the theme is “Saddle Ridge Ranch” with motto: “need answer, ask God”, taken from James 1:5

This snack station reminds me of snack time in New Creation preschool, making shape from graham crackers, frosting, and pretzel sticks.

I and my team have to make the decoration for the pantry that we use as snack station. we do it mostly by ourselves. So, this week we are very busy painting, cutting, designing the decoration. I offered my science lab room to be our workshop. Some friends from other stations were welcomed too.

i draw the outline, cut the styrofoams, then painted them.

A friend painted the shading and the trees.

and i draw the horses! hahahahaha, those horses look like donkey or maybe cat? i know i am not talented in drawing. I consider my drawing as “not good”  but cute hahahaha….

Other friends made big horses, big trees, and stacks of clouds.

And this is my master piece:

Some friends helped me with the color base, but i did the outline drawing, cutting, and shading, and finishing. I think i’m pretty proud of myself. It’s not that bad.

Since we still have to teach and do other works during this week, we worked over time everyday this week, and friday is the final day for deacoration. we put the decoration in the pantry, making it as it is a big outdoor nature with horses, grass, mountains, clouds. A lot of work, it was for sure. And guess what, i got home at 11 PM On Friday! My goodness! i was so tired, i still feel it now. I am grateful for good teamwork with good friends, the finished decorations and a weekend 🙂

More pictures are coming on the next post 🙂


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