A Long Lost Friend


Until now, God still amazes me with things that i didn’t expect.

While i was scrolling on a friend’s photo album on facebook, i saw a familiar face. I wonder if she is my friend from elementay school. i asked this friend who is living inWyoming. and guess what, after a while, we found out that this woman in the picture is really my friend from my elementary school.

Unbelievable! She is studing in Laramie, Wyoming. If only i knew she was there, i would have tried to meet her when i was in KS. But still we are so glad that we can reconnect again. She is one of my good friends in elementary school. Her name is Lily. We were apart when we graduated from elemenatry school. she went to other Junior High School. After that we never had contact. But i still remember her, where she lived, her nick name, and i still have our pictures! sometimes when i saw the pictures again, i wondered what happened to her, where she is now. Now I know!

After more than 20 years, we are reconnected!

What a small world and What a wonderful God I have ๐Ÿ™‚

I and Lily were in a field trip to a big dam out of Semarang.

Another picture of a field trip. we were hoding hands!

I keep believing, nothing’s impossible for God. I might see her in person soon, ha! ๐Ÿ˜€


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