Couple of day ago, i was preparing to cook and cleaned up some spinach. I was thinking how different Indonesian spinach is from the ones in USA.

Indonesian spinach has thinner leaves with long stem. and for sure you need to rinse it first before you cook it. i don’t think we’ve ever eaten it raw. we always cook it, either make it into some kind of clear soup without any meat in it, or stir fry it on a pan.

how different!  we even called it differently “bayam”.

i was thinking. why are things different from each other? and why are there same things also?

I am imagining what would happen if all things in this world is the same. One country, one race, one language, one season, any single thing is the same with others. I remember of one church friend. She was studying in US and she complained about how hard it is to study in English. She wished that the “Babel Tower” incident in the Bible were never happened so that we only use one language all over the world.

Hm…i don’t think that wouldn’t be so much fun. I don’t want to see other people (every single person) look exactly the same as me, think as i think, walk as i walk, and talk as i talk.

It’s always fun the find some similarities between us. But still we need the diversity too.  I can leave my imagination to another new movie maybe.

The reality is that we live in diversity and it’s ok 🙂


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