Missing Kansas


On my first day of mid-term break today, i got a bit of chance to look through my pictures.

Oh, how i miss Kansas!

Look at the pins on my backpack. 6 out of 9 are Kansas pins!

passing through the kitchen, i will always look at these scenes on the fridge.

A while ago, i was chatting with a friend in Wyoming (you know who you are). we were talking about me getting back to school. I was telling her how dissapointed i am when i found out about something unexpected in KU. we talked and talked until she came to the point of asking me “WHY ARE YOU SO KANSAS ORIENTED?”

Ah hahahaha, i was laughing. I even didn’t realize it until she brought it up!

I don’t know. i’ve been in many places, far and near. i like most of the places. i guess i am more familiar with Kansas, i lived there for almost a year, i know and love some people living there. The prairie, nature, tall grass, flatness, tornado warnings, winds, wheat fields, combines, skunks, squirrels, birds, racoon knocking on the window, friendliness, warmth, and love.

Oh, how i miss Kansas! Kansas is Oz-some! (and also the people i know who are living there) 🙂


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