Once Upon A Monday


Monday, March 8, 2010

I went out from the house a little bit later than usual, making me nervous about the traffic. I made it safely to school.

As usual, while riding my motorbike on the way to go to school, i always pray “God, please make my heart ready for whatever happen today.” (and of course i pray about some other things too)

Soon after i put my backpack under my desk in the teacher room, a teacher friend asked me to exchange schedule of leading the bible study on Tuesday (means tomorrow). I felt hesitate to say yes. I’m learning that this teacher friend is a bit tricky. A while ago she manipulated another teacher friend to do her job in exchange of something that she didn’t have. Well, anyway i said yes to her, so i’m leading the bible study tomorrow, means i have to spare extra time to prepare myself.

Soon after that (i haven’t even got a chance to sit!), the principal asked me to take care of grade 5.2 because the main teacher is sick and isn’t coming to school. I said ok. Inside my mind, it’s like a dark cloud rolling inside. I have never replaced a main teacher in this school before, i don’t know this particular main teacher’s habbit in her class. I was clueless about what to do. Do i have to teach other subject (than science) or do i have just being there in the classroom? Confused…confused….

At 7.05 AM,  i went into the mutlimedia room to join the devotional time. After one song, my partner (the other science teacher) told me “Vil, you are OD this morning.”   Huh, what? Oh, yes, i forgot about that! i have to join the other prayer meeting for teachers who are OD this morning. So i went out the room quietly and directly walked one floor down. OD (on duty) means we have to stand by on the assigned floor to watch over the students who are coming to school.

Oh, and i forgot to bring my water bottle, means i don’t have a container to drink water.

I also forgot to bring stickers for students who got 100 in the mid-term test.

And i have to prepare for science club today which needs longer time because i have to empty the egg-shells that i need for the experiment.

Argh….! I felt everything went wrong! This is not normal. What’s going on here? It’s like i want to shout “God, i’m asking for a ready heart, but not for these…..”       Funny, isn’t it?

With an obidient heart (i think), i did it one by one. We sing a song “one day at a time, sweet Jesus”, but i say “one hour at a time”  with a full consience of God’s presence around me.

As time went by, and now at the end of  my Monday today, i can point out some things that i won’t get if i didn’t get all of those chaos

  • There’s always the first time for everything.
  • While accompanying grade 5.2 in the chapel time, i was touched by the song “Who am i?” plus the clip of the movie “passion of the christ”. I am reminded of those times when i was in my room in Lichti’s house back in Newton, KS listening to this particular song on the radio. I heard it so many times, it’s so familiar in my ears. I LOVE this song.
  • While preparing the bible study for tomorrow, i’m drawing closer to God. Learning to be a person after HIS own heart.

I think God wants to say “Vil, if you’re asking for a ready heart, you have to make it ready and remember I AM BESIDE YOU”  

prayers are always “round trip” (two ways),  it’s never only one way

Anyway, what a way to start my week. 🙂 and still i’m gratefull for it.


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