I love seeing children’s drawing and reading their writing.

There’s a teacher friend called Ms.Maria. I like her and learned from her eventhough she is much younger than me. She asked her students in grade 5.1 to write or draw words of appreciation for me as they waited for the science mid-term test time ended.

I always consider children’s drawing as precious. i can often see who they are from their drawing. and find out their sincerity, imagination, and appreciation. oh…how i love children.


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  1. Vil, you are sooo blessed to have this sweet children!!! As teacher myself, I am enjoying this paintings from the kids to you!! it is awesome, it talks about having trust, confidence in you!! they love you!!! you are sooo loved and missed!!! from the other side of the world!!! keeping going, Vil, be ready for what ever God has for you!!!
    love, Elly!

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