Reading Time


  • Interesting
  • Most of my students have it
  • i like to connect with my students through what they are reading.
  • enjoyable

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    • hm… maybe Micah would like them, but i think he needs your guidence/advice while reading it. there are some bad words inside the book, bullying friends or being bullied by friends, some bad experiences at middle school, etc. but from different prespective, he can learn something from it. maybe you should read them first or read together with him.
      At first i also thought it has bad influence to children, that’s the reason i read it because most students read those (even my niece). after i read it, i think the opposite way. It’s a story of real things that might happen to any kids.
      I think Greg (the boy in the book) is not a whimp at all
      still, if you let micah read it, i think it’s a good idea if you read it too 🙂

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