SAD :(


Some things just make me so sad.

In the mid-week service at school on last Wednesday, the preacher told us that there are 200 Indonesian people studying in a university in USA to get their Phd. Only one of them is a christian, the rest are moslems. And when they come back to Indonesia, they will be principals of Islamic schools.  Some moslem organisation are trying hard to make Indonesia an islamic country. I have heard a few years ago that they are training youth to be Islamic army. yes, ARMY. Thay are trained to use weapons. and when the right time come, they will make a big attack. so scary. so sad.

I am so sad when i am thinking of this. What do the churches do? Some churches in Indonesia are busy with other things; the liturgies, songs, clothes, etc. Some churches are full of quarelling people. What can churches do?  What can I do?

I am trying to get higher education to do more. But it’s hard to get that point. It’s even hard just to be a good christian teacher.

Last Thursday, I was having a science test in class 5.2. After a while, the class became noisy. Then one of the students asked me to discuss the answer together at that time. I said, “you know that this is a test. i will never discuss the answers during the test. That is kind of a silly question.”

Next thing happened was that the class became more noisy. One of the students said; ” Miss, i’ll give you Rp. …. (some amount of money), if you give us one answer.” Guess what? it turned out that Vincent was the one who said it. Some friends supported his idea until Alexa took out Rp 50.000 from her pocket and said “here, miss i have the money in my pocket.”

At first, i didn’t get what they were talking about because it was so noisy. But then i realized it. Yes, bribery! I was so angry.  With a stern look and a very loud voice, i said “who said that? where does this idea come from? you think you can buy the answer from me? even if you give me 1 million, i will never give you the answer. Life is not only about money. …….” (i said some more other things and i hold myself from saying all the bad words). It made their faces look sour. And i know they were afraid, especially Vincent. Then a girl called Wina said “Miss, it’s just kidding, why do you make it big?”   I answer her immedietly,” and it’s not a good joke. it’s not funny. and it is not about the joke, it’s your attitude.”

I was going to ask them to talk to me outside the classroom, but i thought again about it. i am not the main teacher. and i didn’t have much time in the class. after my time was up, i met the main teacher on the the way to teacher’s room and i told her what had happened. She took it seriously. She said that it comes from their family. They saw what their parents do that’s why they do the same thing. I asked her not to be angry to them again. I thought that they do not need more teachers angry to them.

The main teacher asked them to write a sorry letter to me. I didn’t ask her to do that. I didn’t even expect them to say sorry to me. I already forgave them when i walked out the classroom. I don’t blame them. I felt so sad that they get this kind of attitude and mentality from their family. But they gave the letters anyway. vincent was the last, and i put my arm around his shoulder and with a smile i told him not to do that again and that i believe he can do better things.

This is the first time for me to receive this kind of letter and i didn’t expect them to do it. I just want them to be a better person. i feel sad when i am angry in the classroom. i like seeing my students laugh and happy, but sometimes they are beyond the limit.

I know, i will never be a president or a leader in a big organisation. But i am trying to do my best in what i can do. and it’s not an easy task to do. Some of my students are not even christians, they are buddist, catholic, and having some other believes. Bringing a light and showing that Jesus is in me sometimes is not easy to do.


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  1. dear viliya,
    I think you did the right thing by telling your children that you would not give the answer even for money. even if they were kidding, it lets them know that briery is not OK. It really isn’t anything to joke about. I’m sure it isn’t always easy to be a teacher.
    Ann Showalter

  2. I understand your feeling, Viliya. I kind of having that feeling too. While we think that we have to bring lights to the world, what do the churches do? Busy with liturgies, busy with parties and celebrations, care only about their own congregations, and like you said, some even full of quarreling people, people are busy arguing, judging each other. This make people sick. And this kids, some are Christians, some are not. But their parents (should) have beliefs. But look what this kids did. What kind of religious people are they, bribing people? What do religions do? I think religions have lost their values in many ways. Nowadays I see people are more attached into the institutions, rather than to the faith itself. This what make people don’t believe in religions anymore.
    I feel sorry for what has happened to you my dear, it’s even harder when we are religious people and try to be good religious people. I have my own struggles too. But, stick to the faith. Because what’s more important is not religion, it’s the faith.
    Happy Valentine’s day.

  3. What a privilege to be a student in your class!
    When this world goes topsy-turvy, when honesty equals stupidity and “yen ora edan ra keduman,” I’m so proud of you for helping our future leaders to understand that honesty is what matters.

  4. Wonderful, wonderful, Vilya… You may never be President or a leader in a big organization, but don’t ever doubt the impact you are having on the lives of your students. I think you have one of the most important and influential jobs in the world, being a teacher. You get to build relationships that shape and mold those students for the future, and that DOES and WILL have a positive impact.

    Peace and strength to you, my sister!

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