For so many years, i want to cut hair. when my father was still alive, i wanted to cut his hair many times, but he always said no. he just didn’t believe me. maybe if he sees me now, he will laugh and says ‘what did i say”.

several days ago, i cut my own hair and i’m pretty proud with my new hair style (eventhough people at school didn’t recognize it)

but then this afternoon, i cut it more. i like long hair, but i think i am ready for a change. i don’t want to cut it too short, but oops….

it’s too short that my hair goes outwardly like that…hiks…this was what i’m afraid of and i don’t like it. I look like a junior high kid. this is one of those decisions that make you regret them. i laugh so hard when i saw myself on the mirror, it’s so funny. (you may laugh too)

Now i’m trying to fix it. whether i’m going to have a pony tail everyday like this:

or straighten it everytime i have to go out from the house

or maybe just cut some more!

OOOhhhh…..i wish i have my long hir back now. but well, i say to myself ‘it will grow again eventually, it’s ok” 🙂  when will i have a chance to have funny hair like that again?  now is the time to enjoy it 😉 life goes on with funny hair or good hair 🙂


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  1. ha!!!

    do you remember your haircut in my kitchen?!?!?

    how you were getting feisty with me and i threatened to stop half way through?

    remember how you didn’t like it?

    anyway, i think the flip out is cute…and not in a junior high way.

    you look beautiful. and hip. if i even know what that really is.

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