Gong Xi Fa Choi and Happy Valentine!


Chinese New Year happens to fall on the same day as Valentine’s Day in 2010.

Gong Xi Fa Choi

Chinese New Year is a big celebration for us, Chinese Indonesian family. A lot of food, family gathering, new clothes, lampions, and of course hong bao / ang pao (red envelopes with money in it).

The tradition is that the young should go to the houses of the older ones and say happy new year to them. The older ones should give hong bao to the children, single sisters and brothers, nephews, nieces, grandsons, granddaughter. When i was  little, i used to get ang pao. Now that i am grown up, i don’t expect people to give me ang pao anymore. I am expected to give the ang pao to my nephew and nieces. But i found out the rules that a single aunt should not give. Only married people can give the ang pao. well, i think it’s all come back to our heart. if we want to give just give, if we don’t just don’t.

My father was the oldest brother in the family, my aunts and my uncles usually came to our house. But now that my father passed away, i don’t think they will come. i think it is a pretty big change in our family. Moreover now we live far apart from my father’s family. My mom was an only child and she has no relatives around. So i don’t think we will have any family gathering this year. No big things happens. My sisters are still singles, may brother and my other sister get together with my in-laws families, my other sister is in Semarang. My mom is coming with my brother, so that left the three of us at home.

My family is a christian family already, we don’t worship gods anymore, but as chinese sometimes we still keep some good traditions. i think i am a bit different in the family. I have been living in other cultures and learned other things. But still i can not deny that i am a chinese Indonesian. Growing up in the society that don’t like chinese was a bit hard, but now i am grateful for who i am. everything i’ve been through making my life rich.

A glimse of Chinese New Year here

People selling red things on the side of the road.

imlek (chinese new year) cake, sticky cake ( a must in chinese new year), cookies, etc. other usual food you will see are oranges and apples, moon cake. Look what inside the box:

the cake is so good.

ang pao envelopes. Btw, it’s a year of metal tiger, that’s why there are tigers images on the envelopes.

It is also believed that every chinese new year there is abig rain pouring. and it does happens. the rain is a symbol of the blessing from God.

Gong Xi Fa Choi! (happy new Year!)

Valentine Day

I don’t think a valentine day as a big day, may be it was becuase it’s not a tradition in my family.  and i think everyday should be valentine day. we should show our love everyday.

Last year was a special valentines for me, i got many valentines from preschoolers. I didn’t even know what valentines were.

This year is even more special, i got a package from Newton! I feel that I am loved. They still remember me, they still remember what i like.

I lile pooh (a lot) and butterflies

and i love Elsie’s drawing (too bad that the drawing isn’t so clear in the picture)

Love is kind of hard to describe.

Love need to be shown, not only to be said. Some people (especially eastern people) prefer showing it without saying it.

Love hurts when you love others but you can’t see them, hug them, talk to them in person.

Sometimes it’s too late for us to say “i love you” to dear ones when they are already passed away.

Love can hurt you when you love someone but he/she doesn’t love you back.

Love is powerful. It can make people do silly things or great things.

Love has healing power.

May God, the source of love, grant us the power to say and show love each day in our life.

happy valentines day!


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  1. OMG OMG! I’m gonna see Chinese New Year celebration too, in Kobe’s Chinatown! But not tomorrow (Sunday, Feb 14) :(, next week instead. They will have this celebration for one week. We decided not to go tomorrow or today, because it will only start on Feb 14, and this is gonna be a weekend trip which means we definitely have to go home on Sunday, so basically we would just miss the celebration if we decided to go this weekend.

    Is that your nephew? He’s so cuuuuttteee…!! ^_^ Hey, you look pretty with your hairstyle. New hair?

    Gong Xi Fa Choi, Happy Valentine’s day! Luv ya! XOXO

    • Yup, i cut my own hair. But this afternoon, i cut it again and it turned out bad! now i regret it hiks….. i’ll post some pictures, so bad….. I’m trying to make it right now, either making it straight or just make it into ponny tail all the time or cut more hhehe…

      Oh, i can’t wait to read about chinese new year in Japan 🙂

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