Adventures of the Week


Monday, 1 Feb – A Stressful Teacher

Mondays are busy for me, a lot of work to do. So, on the hall way, my students saw me with my puffy and wavy hair. One of them with her smiling face, said “Miss, why is your hair going up? Stress ya, Miss?” I laughed hard. She just made my day! making me laugh that day. Her name is Christie (the girl in the middle).

Tuesday, 2 Feb – A Torture

I was teaching in grade 3.3. Out of the blue, Valery (the girl on the left without glasses) raised her hand and asked me, “Miss, is it a torture for you to teach us who are naughty?”      I answered her, “No! i have never said that you are naughty and i will never will. I love you (for the records,the students said iuw…..when i said this) and i love teaching. No, it’s not a torture at all.”

Valery comes from a broken family. She never saw her father. But she is always cheerful. When i shared this with her main teacher, she said that Valery likes to make statements or ask questions which are interesting. hm…i don’t know where she got that idea about torture. and why is it hard for students to accept that their teacher loves them. Since when children resist love from older people, i wonder…..        My students always laugh and say iuw…. everytime i say i love them.

Wednesday, 3 Feb – A Broken Glass

After all the teaching, i was grading science test at my desk in the teacher’s room. Accidentally i knocked over my glass and it fell down to the floor. Of course it broke apart into pieces, making a very loud noice. Everybody was surprised (including me) and my friends laughed so hard. They teased me that it happened because i was jelous watching a single female teacher approaching a single male teacher in front of my desk. I laughed so hard too…yea….yea…yea…..i was jelous… LOL 😀

I was listening to music on my MP3 while grading the test. I didn’t care about who is approaching who in the teacher’s room, eventhough i am an observer of people surround me. I think I care too much about someone else in far away place that i didn’t concentrate on what i was doing.  After all, it was an accident.

Thursday, 4 Feb – Worst Case Scenario

My mom, three sisters, and a niece went to Singapore for vacation on Wednesday. So I was alone at home until Saturday. I thought everything will be ok. i did my usual things. I set my alarm at 4.30AM.

On Thursday morning, i woke up at 4.11Am (that’s what i thought i saw on my cellphone) and went to the bathroom. I thought i still had time so i got back to bed. Then i woke up again and saw the clock on the bedroom wall (which has no number on it). It was 4.45Am. Then i went out the bedroom  and opened the front door. i was so surprised that it was already bright outside. I checked on the clock in the living room. It was 5.45Am already. Waaa………! I was late. I took a quick shower and got out from the house as soon as i can. I missed my coffee breakfast this morning, but that’s ok. I was imaginig the worst, all traffic jams and being late to school. But it turned out differently. The road was busy but not as i imagined it would be, and i arrived at school at 7. I was so thankful. Rush…rush…..morning. What a way to start a day! But i guess …there are worst things yet to come.

Friday, 5 Feb – A Day for Earth

We finished our earth today in the science club. It took more than 1 hour for me to prepare the earth balloons, the lab coat, and also the paint for 26 students. Wearing my Kansas apron, i  worked in the science lab. I am grateful for my assistant (Ms.Silvie) who came in and helped me. I used to be an assistant, but now i have an assistant. That feels akward for me. I usually work alone, but i learned to be an assistant and to have an assistant. Ms. Silvie, who usually comes late to the science club, came earlier and helped me today. hm… i was grateful for her. She even helped me to clean up all the mess! (which i didn’t expect her to do). She is older than me, it makes me feel uncomfortable to tell her to do something.

People who know me well enough will say that i am a kind of tidy person. I like everything neat and tidy on their places. Last year, after all those months working with preschoolers finally i said to them; “it’s ok to be messy.” Ms.Kristin (who knows me well enough) was surprised and impressed of what i said that she wrote it on something and put it on the door (or on the table).   Do you remember this, Kristin?  LOL 😀

Yes, i can be messy too! paint all over my hands, on the table, and even all over the room. They are kids, what can i expect from them when they do this kind of thing. Jason Anderson spilled the paint on the table and spray the water from the sink. Then Juli spilled another paint on the same table. everybody dripped the paint all over the table and the floor. Even my assistant spilled the paint on the floor. You can imagine how messy and wet my science club this day. But it was fun 🙂

Faith said that the green block on his earth is Africa 🙂

Btw, they thought it was a better idea and a better way to use their fingers instead of using the paint brushes. How more fun could it be 😉

Vincent: “Miss, you said that there are volcanoes in the ocean. So i make volcanoes in the ocean.”  Those dots on the blue are Vincent’s volcanoes. He said it is Vincent’s earth, Vincent’s planet. Oh…how i love this boy, eventhough he said i don’t know anything.

Here they are, “Our own Earths”

Saturday, 6 Feb – Craziness

So, after science club on Friday, i went to my desk and i found a letter and a note from my boss, said: please join this test tommorow and notify the supervisor (of the test) to change the name on the identification card because we registered someone else.   WHAT?!?!?!

I was surprised and MAD. What is this? My close friend asked me if i was ok. And i answered, no, i am not ok. I showed her the letter and the note. Then she said “crazy, huh?” And before she went home she told me to take care.

I talked to one of my boss. She said, “yes please come to the test. Sorry, we also just got this letter this morning. Read some books to prepare.”           what? I was so mad. It was a sudden notice in the form of a note  (they told me just in time to go home), I didn’t even understand what test it is, nobody knows the address of the school i have to go. I was the only one who had to go.  I felt like my mouth was going to burst out all the bad words. But words that came out from my mouth was “It’s a bad news and i hate this”. Of course i didn’t say it to somebody, I talked to myself.   The picture of my fun Saturday was broken apart. I already had plan for my Saturday, making kimchi and Korean food.  So, from the school I looked for the address of the school they gave me. I rode my motorbike in circles 3 times before i finally found the school.

It was a diagnostic test for main teachers and subject teachers. It was held by the government for national or national plus schools. It was held in one of the public school around the area. The schedule was at 8 – 10 AM.

I just don’t get it. If we are international school, why should we join this kind of test? My boss said the result will not influence my position in the school. This is just annoying. Maybe my friends are right. They said International on the name of our school is just a bussiness name. We are not real international school. The real international school is the one whose teachers are all foreigners and is owned by foreign company, for example Australian International School or Singapore International School. This makes me release a big sigh.

I woke up early on this Saturday, got ready, went to the public school, and did the test (science test). I din’t read any book to prepare. I just did the test. It was not difficult. I think students can also do it. I finished it in about 15 – 20 minutes. I was the first one in the room who finished the test. But the supervisor of the room didn’t allow me to leave the room yet. He said it could influence other teachers in other rooms if i got out so quickly. This just made me more upset. What is wrong with these people? Especially the government people. They work so slow. Why do they make this kind of test? What are their purposes? Nobody explained to me (even if i asked them). Finally after some other teachers in the room also had finished the test and wanted to go, the supervisor let us go. Arrgh…!!

I got home before 10 still with grumbling heart (i know it’s bad).   After all this i reflect on myself and learned a lot from this.

  1. It’s always easier to talk than to do. I know that things sometimes happens unexpectedly and what matter most is our respond. But i was reacted foolishly emotional when this happened to me in this case. yet i still think that i deserve an explanation about this.
  2. Eventhough things didn’t turn out well, God is still working and He makes everything good. I found the public school with no major obstacles. I finished the test quickly with a sure feeling that i made it well and i could go home earlier. I had the time to go to the market. And i had my fun saturday still.
  3. God still loves me. Sometimes when my life goes “smoothly”, i am afraid if HE doesn’t care about me anymore. In my understanding God who loves is molding and shaping His children. When i have no problems, i ask God, is there something wrong with me, are You neglecting me? But i know the answer is no, I don’t think God has ever leave me 😉 and it doesn’t mean that i am starting or looking for a problem.
  4. I know i have changed a lot from my old unmature behaviour. Yet sometimes, i can be so emotional like i used to be. I still need to learn to be mature. 🙂
  5. I learned hard to be grateful and thankful in everything i must do even when i don’t like it. 😉

Korean Weekend

I love Korea (I think i say this often hee…hee…) I also love Korean cooking.

This Saturday i made my first home made kim chi.     Start from the recipe book.

a lot of chinese cabbage / napa/ sawi putih, green onion, ginger, garlic, sugar, salt, and special anchovy oil and red chilli pepper powder (imported from Korea)

And woala… my first home made kimchi

This Sunday I also made bim bi bab (Korean mix rice)

Brown rice at the bottom, boiled spinach, fried carrot in sesame oil, fresh cucumber, seasoned pork meat (my family bought it in Singapore, so it’s so good), dried nori (seaweed), fried egg. All mixed with special sauce from Korea.

Su Ha, are you reading this? I finally made it myself  🙂

After all, what a wonderful week i have! and i am enjoying a bright, sunny day while i am writing all of these. 🙂


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  1. oh, viliya, i love this post. yes! i remember the day you told a preschooler: it’s okay to get messy.

    i remember how helpful you were. you were like ms. silvie.

    and you are making a huge difference in the lives of your students. to be told they are loved no matter what is wonderful.

    and your food. your food! i miss it. i miss your attention to detail. i miss your beauty.

    you are wonderful.

    well, now i sound cheesy.

    have a wonderful sunday, vil.

    p.s. the kids are on the mend. thank you.

  2. Thank you for sharing your week with your children at school. It sounds to me like you enjoy teaching and your children.
    We all have times and days when we are not always mature, so just know that you are like the rest of us.

    This morning we were in our Sunday School class and Evie shared a story from her childhood in Kenya. We take truns sharing stories like we did last year when you were in the class.


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