Can’t believe


after giving up to find coffee filters, i don’t think i will find American things i need or i like. I run out of coffee filters, but i have the coffee cup strainer. i found out that some supermarket here, even the ace hardwear,  sell the coffee makers, but they don’t sell the filters. How ridiculous!

So, i give up finding the coffee filter and use paper towel instead. Surprisingly, while i was in a small store selling chinese goods around the neighborhood, i found something from USA that i like. and i bought it right away, hahaha…here it is

I can’t believe my eyes when i saw it. i didn’t expect to find it here in Indonesia.

“Most times, things just don’t happen as we expect it would be, yet the response we choose towards it that matters most.”  (a reflection on myself)



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  1. Hershey’s.. yumm yumm yumm…
    I like that reflection. I remember putting a quote in my undergrad thesis: Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we responds.

    So any luck with the filters these days?

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